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7-Day BASIC Cleanse Program - CKLS & Olive Oil
7-Day BASIC Cleanse Program by New Body Products

7-Day BASIC Cleanse Program - CKLS & Olive Oil

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One(1) Bottle of CKLS, and 1-16oz Olive Oil


DAY ONE - What you will need
Five CKLS Capsules
32 ounces of spring water
Cold pressed, organic,extra virgin. unrefined Olive Oil (16) sixteen ounces if your weight is over 130 pounds, and (8) eight ounces if your weight is under 130 pounds
One cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

STEP ONE: First thing in the morning take 5 CKLS capsules with at least 32oz of spring water.
Wait one(1) hour before proceeding to step two.
STEP TWO: Drink olive oil and sip on the lemon juice as needed to aid in consumption of olive oil.

You must drink all of the olive oil within 30 minutes.
(Consume the olive oil at a comfortable pace within the time allowed.)

DAYS 2-7 How you should eat:
During this time you can only eat 100% raw fruits and vegetables, a half-gallon or more of spring water per day and pure juices without any additives.

No alcohol, no coffee, no dairy, no flour, no flesh, no fried foods, no salt, no smoking, no sugar.
RECOMMENDED HERBS TO TAKE: The following Products will assists in cleansing the body on a deeper level. They should be taken for day 2 (two) through day 7 (seven).

2 per day - CKLS® (Colon, Kidney, Liver, Spleen Detox)

You can continue taking these CKLS on a daily basis for continued cleansing.

The best time to start a cleansing program is when you feel a need to make a positive change in your life, balanced with seasonal cycles is ideal. The change of the seasons is an excellent opportunity to allow your selves to lighten up and eliminate toxins from our bodies. This program is not recommended prior to or just after surgery, for pregnant or lactating women, or for children under the age of 12.

About 4 to 24 hours after consuming the olive oil, expect several rapid bowel movements. Elimination should last all day and may continue till the next morning. Please do examine your stool. You may notice a variety of green pea like objects floating in your stool. They are gallstones, which is a form of cholesterol, which comes from mostly fired foods and saturated fat. Be very pleased, for this is your main goal. You may also notice lots of mucus and parasites (micro and macro).

Mild cleansing reactions are common, like stomach discomfort, gas, fatigue or dizziness. These reactions are your body’s way of telling you that it’s getting rid of toxic waste. If you do have cleansing reactions, drink more water, but only after you have had two bowel movements

  • On the night before drinking the oil, EAT LIGHT.
  • Do not eat anything on the day you drink the olive oil. You can have water or unfiltered apple juice after your 2nd bowel movement. It is also good to suck on lemons to aid in keeping the oil down.
  • Do not lay down, the oil can come up. If you feel tired you can prop yourself up on some pillows and get rest that way.
  • It’s best to relax 24 to 48 hours from the time you finish drinking the oil.
  • Meditate, read a good book, relax. Don’t over exert yourself on this day, Rest.
  • Share the good news with a friend.