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A Simple 7 Day Challenge

Posted by Roots Nutrition on 1/30/2016 to Cleansing

A Simple 7 Day Challenge

Are you sluggish, overweight or constipated? When you ingest and create more waste in your body than you can eliminate, you’ve got a problem. I don’t care if you call it a stroke, asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer or any of a thousand other names that come to mind. Your problem remains the same. You’re accumulating more waste than your body can handle. If you don’t do something about it, your body will. In fact, your body will give you more symptoms until it eventually kills you. So what do you do? Get rid of the waste and give your body what it needs to rebuild itself with the Roots Nutrition Simple 7 Day Challenge.

Dr. Brooks of Roots Nutrition designed this program to help you in just 7 short days to lose up to 14 pounds of the fat, toxins, mucus and waste that creates these problems. In addition, your body will feel more energized, healthier and rejuvenated.

The Challenge

Breakfast - Mix 1 tsp. of the Roots Nutritional Drink Powder in a 16- oz. glass of water, diluted fruit juice, vegetable juice or a smoothie. Big Appetite? Drink 32 oz. with 2 tsp. of the Nutritional Drink Powder. You may also have more raw fruits or vegetables prior to lunch.

Lunch/Dinner -- Eat a Large leafy green salad before your cooked lunch and dinner meals. At least half of the salad must contain leafy greens such as romaine, red leaf, butter leaf, spinach, kale, etc. No iceberg lettuce. Use any other salad ingredients and dressings that you like to liven up your salad. Your cooked meal may be any food that you desire. However, for best results, reduce or avoid the intake of refined or processed foods (white flour pasta, white bread, white rice, bologna, hot dogs, junk foods, etc.)

The first evening of the challenge take 2-3 Roots Nutrition Power Cleansers or New Body Products CKLS with dinner. Thereafter, take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with dinner. (NOTE: adjust dosage as necessary). Drink enough distilled or purified water to keep your urine clear.

Eating a large leafy green salad prior to your lunch and dinner meals will act a natural gastric bypass (stomach stapling), by displacing room in your stomach so that you eat less cooked food. Taking in the large salad and less cooked food will increase your body’s digestion, assimilation and elimination. The salad, coupled with the Power Cleansers / CKLS will sweep old accumulated waste through your small and large intestine and out of your body, ultimately flattening your stomach. The salad /cleanser combination will also decrease the buildup of any new waste.

Consuming your meals in this way will ensure that you will never be hungry or overfull, your taste buds will be satisfied, and you will never feel like you’re on a diet. Most importantly, your body will move into a state of rapid cellular regeneration, while discarding old and worn out cells in the process. The regenerative effects will be an increase in energy, stamina and a sense of well being. The results obtained from following the Simple 7 Day Challenge will renew your faith in your body’s natural ability to cleanse, repair and rebuild itself with minimum time and effort. TAKE THE CHALLENGE! START TODAY!