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Guide to Wholistic Healing Through Cleansing & Fasting  an E-Book
Guide to Wholistic Healing Through Cleansing and Fasting - Booklet

Guide to Wholistic Healing Through Cleansing & Fasting an E-Book

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E-Book (PDF) by Valeria Parker-Ross Lose Weight, Eliminate Disease, Feel Better, and Cleanse yourself with Fasting 

Table of Contents follows: Fasting - You will not starve. You will not instantly become thin. Hungry, you will not even be hungry, if you follow these simple instructions. 

What is a Fast? - Fasting is consuming only liquids. When the body does not have to deal with digesting solid food and getting rid of the waste that solid food creates, it can concentrate on getting rid of toxins. 

Why fast? - The most common reason to fast is to eliminate disease or toxins from the body. 

Fasting vs. Cleansing - There are cleanses that do not require fasting. Fasting is the most comprehensive cleanse. Alternative to Fasting and Cleansing - A raw vegan food diet 

Ending a Fast - The method you use to stop a fast is as important as the fast itself. 

Substitutions - Find the correct ingredients and use them. 

Shopping Tips - When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, you will often have a choice in which ones you buy. 

The Salt Water Flush - The Salt Water Flush is a fast acting cleanser of the entire digestive tract that can be used as needed. 

24-Hour Fast - To give the digestive system a short rest, to increase its efficiency and to improve the absorption of nutrients. 

3 day Fast - To give the digestive system a short rest to increase its efficiency and to improve the absorption of nutrients 

The Olive Oil Flush - To flush toxins out of the gastrointestinal system. Removes gall stones and relieves symptoms of bloating, reflux, gas and other digestive disorders. 

Cleanse for Kidneys - To clean out the Kidneys and remove kidney stones, if they are present. 

Cleanse for Gallbladder - To clean the kidneys and the gallbladder. To pass kidney stones and gallstones. 

Cleanse for Urinary Tract - To ameliorate the symptoms of urinary tract infections or vaginal yeast infections. 

Cleanse for Intestines - To cleanse the entire intestinal tract to eliminate or lessen the effects of disease in the entire body. 

Dr. Brooks’ 10 day Cleanse - To assist you in moving to a diet that includes more raw foods. 

Par-K Slim Pak Weight Loss Program - Par-K Slim Pack is an herbal formula created by Dr. Paul Goss. It is used to lose weight. 

NEW BODY 7 DAY CLEANSE: - Eat 80% raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds – nothing that ever had a face). Drink pure juices and drink Spring Water. 

Citrus Fast - Works on severe health problems, for weight loss and of course for giving the digestive tract a much needed rest. Apple Fast - It does not have the healing power of the Citrus fast, but it is very good for flushing your system and giving it a rest. 

Appendix A – How To Determine Dosage For Herbs - Each of us is different and the right amount of herbs for one person is often too much or too little for someone else. Index - An easy to use, comprehensive index makes this an excellent reference source.

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