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Lobelia by New Body Products


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Lobelia is a valuable systemic relaxant. It is used to relieve irritation of the nerves, stomach, lungs, muscles, and circulation. It is valuable in relieving dry, barking or hacking coughs; it helps to loosen hardened mucus, an excellent expectorant. It is good for spasmodic lung and respiratory conditions. It is a powerful relaxant in many diseases, provides relief from cramps, spasms and lockjaw. It contains lobeline which makes nicotine (found in cigarettes and other tobacco products) taste bad as well as acting in a similar, yet milder way to nicotine, reducing an addicted body s need for the drug. Thus it can be an excellent aid to stop smoking. When taken in large doses over a short period of time, it can cause vomiting. Simply lower the dosage and/or frequency of dosage, to a level where the vomiting stops and continue taking the herb. Drink large amounts of Spring Water when taking Lobelia. It can be used during delivery to relax the mother and speed up delivery of the placenta. It is a powerful anti-spasmodic.

Each bottle contains 100 Capsules. This product contains no fillers, binders or other additives. Each capsule is a Vegicap®, a 100% vegetarian capsule.

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