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Distributor Kit
Distributor Kit

Distributor Kit

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WHOLESALE PRICES – Are they right for you?

Regular Customer – Even if you buy one bottle of CKLS a month, becoming a New Body Products Distributor will save you money, more than $55 the first year. Every other year for life, you’ll save almost $100! Let’s do the numbers:

1 CKLS Bottle Per Month Retail 329.76
1st Year Cost at Distributor Price 274.32
Subsequent Years 214.32

If you use our products regularly, it’s worth it to become a DISTRIBUTOR (which costs $60.00) just to get the 35% discount on the retail price. Instead of paying $27.48 for one bottle of CKLS, you’ll pay only $17.86

Re-seller – In addition to getting the wholesale price for the product that you buy, when you purchase at least $100 worth of product in any month you get a rebate/bonus of 5% - sweet! The higher your monthly purchase total is, the higher the percentage of your rebate/bonus. Purchases of one thousand dollars or more receive a whopping 23% rebate/bonus. For every month that you spend two thousand dollars or more, you receive an annual bonus at the beginning of the next year of 2% of all sales over two thousand in one month. There are additional bonuses for the sales of anyone you sign up to become a New Body Distributor. See the additional information on the Bonus Plan for details.

Is this multi-level marketing? Only if you want it to be. The structure is flexible enough to allow you to simply sell these exceptional products at an excellent price or build your own committed sales team through a multi-level marketing program that has been in operation for over 42 years.

To become a New Body Distributor, first complete the New Body Distributor Application. Then add the New Body Products Distributor Kit to your shopping cart (click on add to cart). Email ([email protected]) or fax (626) 709-3041 the Distributor application to us for processing. Optionally, you can mail the application and/or your $60.00 money order to VEGIHEAL; 275 W Washington Pl; Pasadena, CA 91103-2153. Or, you can pay for the Distributorship on the website and then mail the application. Whatever combination you prefer, as long as you fill out and return the application to VEGIHEAL (or New Body) and pay the $60.00 fee (on the web or with a money order). Your distributor kit will not be mailed to you until your completed application and your payment is received.

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