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The Eyes of Forever Young - Book
The Eyes of Forever Young - Book by New Body Products

The Eyes of Forever Young - Book

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The Eyes of Forever Young is a comprehensive, easy to understand study of Iridology, with over 200 color slides plus diagrams and case studies for the beginner or advanced Iridology student/health professional.   

The Eyes of Forever Young is written by Dr. Paul Goss Excerpt from introduction: This book is dedicated to the divinity of man and the acceptance of the new world. So far this 3 dimensional system and everything we have done in this 3 dimensional system which has laws, rules and regulations, we have accepted it, we have lived with it, and we have died with it. But there is a place in time that will be no more and that time is called space. Space and time is one and the same, but only for those who will accept it. The contents of this book are for the living and not for the dead. You may be walking around dead you may be walking around alive. But at one time the separation point will take place. If you are of the dead, you will die. If you are of the living, you will live. Table of Contents: Introduction Meats and Parasites Dairy Products Sugar The appendix includes a discussion of 0ver 100 diseases, conditions and body systems

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